A great site for those leaving AA is the excellent website by writer, film maker and activist ‘Massive’ called http://www.leavingaa.com

With excellent short essays, and a very active forum, it’s a great place to get your head straight and to meet others in the same boat.  The situation in the US is even worse than the UK because serious criminals and sex offenders are court mandated to AA (it’s either that or jail).  They also have the ‘clubhouse’ system in AA which also is a carte blanche for abuse of privileges.  Leavingaa.com is shedding light on all of this and providing a port in the storm for those abused in AA.

UK members may lull themselves by thinking ‘but that is not the AA that I know’ but just like the Catholic Church, there is but one institution.  AA is a global organisation albeit with a bottom up structure.  Any loony can start a meeting and the reverence of ‘sober time’ regardless of someone’s true character or qualifications means that those that shouldn’t have positions of influence actually do.

Check it out.

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