About me

She will not be

My name is R.  I got ‘sober’ in London in 2003 and I was continuously sober from my first meeting.  Actually I was sober before my first meeting, but that’s a different post.

I was very active in AA for 12 years in London, in Hampshire and somewhere in the Midlands (AA not being a hotbed of mental health, I’d rather you didn’t know where I live!).

I have started up new meetings, chaired meetings, done prison service, schools service, I’ve had a sponsor, been a sponsor, made the tea, picked up fag ends, greeted, given crazy people lifts home, sat for hours endlessly in coffee shops.  I’ve told my ‘story’ many, many times.

My big book is full of underlining, highlighter ink and post-it notes with scribbles on them.  I know my Joe and Charlie from my Drop the Rock.  I’ve done step studies, home groups, beginners groups.  I can quote bits from the 12×12.

I’ve also been a long time member of Al-Anon and CODA and I’ve put my head around the door of OA.  I had a narrow escape from Greysheeters.  I’ve been in rehab for ‘codependency’ (whatever that is, really) and have had hours and hours and bloody hours of outside help.  Not all of it helpful.

So, I’ve earned my stripes OK?  I’ve been to quite literally thousands of meetings.  I know it inside out and upside down.

And my conclusion is, I don’t like it, it’s not helping and I’m not going any more.  This blog will explore my reasons why and hopefully, other people’s reasons why too.

If you want to submit your story for me to publish on the blog I’d gladly do so.  You can contact me at whyileftaa  @ yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk   I’m warning you now, don’t send me abusive messages, you will be named and shamed.  Trolls will be banned without discussion.

I am a friendly person, I am not angry with anyone, I am bright, intelligent and open minded, so let’s all be adults and talk about it.


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